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i like how Chris legitimately seems to panic for split second; like those snipers he's always talking about finally found him; Chris Evans; samuel l jackson;



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I'm having a chrisis; Chris Evans;

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chris hemsworth; Thor;



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this seemed so far away when it first aired; that shit is crazy; i cant believe this show is still on the air too; supernatural;


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agents of shield;


Okay, it’s my turn to do one of those classic Tumblr posts where I reblog somebody else’s movie gifs and add a, “let’s talk about this scene, though.”

Let’s talk about this scene, though. This little exchange about the bikini is one of the moments that stuck with me the most from The Winter Soldier, in terms of characterizing Natasha, as well as Steve’s relationship with her.

So we learn that Natasha has a small but grisly-looking bullet scar on her abdomen. She points out that it keeps her from wearing a bikini.

What Steve hears her say is that she’s self-conscious about how she’d look in a bikini because of a scar. So his reaction is basically to say, “Whatever, girl. You still look great.” He’s not even flirting, he’s just saying, “That’s ridiculous.”

But he’s hearing her wrong. It’s not that Natasha doesn’t wear bikinis because she’s embarrassed by her scar, or self-conscious of its ugliness. Natasha doesn’t wear bikinis because she doesn’t want anyone around the pool or at the beach to know that she’s the sort of person who acquires bullet scars.

Think about it: Whether it’s an undercover mission or R&R, any situation where the Black Widow wears a swimsuit is going to be one in which she prefers everyone to see her as just some anonymous hot girl. Because if somebody else is around with the same training she has, they’re going to be scanning the area for anyone who looks dangerous. And part of Natasha’s job- part of what keeps Natasha alive- is not showing up on their radar.

I like to think that later Steve put this together, or she explained it to him. RIght now, though, they have more pressing concerns, like Steve’s one-armed ex-boyfriend who put the scar there in the first place.

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this is actually a really good point; and i think SHIELD would have had a plastic surgeon clean up that scar for her; scar revision is a thing; natasha romanoff; cap 2;



slightly better quality

when i find an even higher q video i’ll make more gifs of this, idc how many i’ll end up with

This…this is what happens when people get body-swapped and Clint Barton ends up driving Phil Coulson’s bootayyyyyy and just out of picture is the actual Phil Coulson in Hawkeye’s body, making very judging faces which don’t get him anywhere because it’s just like Clint’s normal “resting face” and Phil is all “FML.” 

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agents of shield;


Seeing Double?

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The Soldier - drawn in Photoshop

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this is amazing; Bucky Barnes;

beefcustardthing: " wat do u reckon will b the upcoming marvel movies? within the dates that marvel has set i mean "


July 8, 2016: Science Bros Science-ing Across The USA
May 5, 2017: It Started With Two Men: A Rogers and Stark Story
July 28, 2017: Iron Man Vs. Hulk: Battle for the Last Bag of Blueberries
November 3, 2017: Marvel Presents: Robert Downey Jr. Does Your Grocery Shopping
May 4, 2018: Tony, No!
July 6, 2018: Marvel Presents: Robert Downey Jr. Reads Porn Fanfic
November 2, 2018: Tony, No! A Sequel
May 3, 2019: Avengers 3

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this is now what I believe to be true;